2828 Fresno Street Suite 100
Fresno, CA 93721

Welcome to Fresno Dental Surgery Center

Our goal is to improve the lives of children by improving their overall oral health. We have created a safe and caring environment for our patients and their families.


    As a member of the Healthcare Community, the Fresno Dental Surgery Center, A Vallarine Dental Practice is dedicated to providing high quality dental and anesthesia services to children residing in Fresno and the surrounding communities.

As such, our highly qualified providers and staff continuously strive to provide quality care with a diligent focus on an environment that is safe and sanitary, continuous improvement of all services, ongoing professional development and consistent alignment with federal and state regulatory requirements.

    Equally important in this effort is the respectful and compassionate attention given to the socio-economic, cultural and spiritual diversity of our pediatric patients and their families; always demonstrating effective communication in the languages spoken and with consistent effort applied to the removal of economic barriers to receiving care.

    Those who serve and share our mission, our employees, are critical in the provision of services. The leadership of the Fresno Dental Surgery Center demonstrates respect for their individuality, recognizes and rewards superior performance and provides for opportunities for professional growth and advancement.

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